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14 Elements Of Networking For Career Success

networking for career successNetworking for career success is about how big and supportive your professional network is. Do you know enough people who might be able and willing to help you succeed or change if required?

Being able to connect on a personal basis building strong relationships with relevant people is still a core skill of successful professionals. After all, networking for career success is not about the number of connections on Linked in or Facebook, it’s about the quality and accessibility of your contacts!

One way of building your professional network is by attending organized networking events.

While thinking about networking for career success I identified 14 factors which have helped me to become a more proficient and effective networker. It all starts withContinue Reading

Basic Desires At Work

basic desires at workThis blog post is actually an addition to the last one in which I already encouraged you to explore your basic desires at work – aka your personal needs.

When I recently read Richard P. Finnegan’s “Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad“, I felt reassured that personal needs and desires are really important to drive our career satisfaction. Finnegan creates a link between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the work environments where employees will stick rather than leave. He argues that the needs in the middle of the pyramid play the biggest role in this context.

The Basic Desires for Work are

  • Safety – The need to be free from the effect of physical or emotional harm
  • Social – The need to interact with others
  • Esteem – The need to feel important

Later, he gives some examples of how first line managers as well as senior leaders can increase talent retention by consistently fulfilling those basic needs of their employees.

However, when I read this, I suddenly also recalled the famous “Gallup Q12“. Back in 2006, the Gallup Institute published a list of 12 statements. According to their research of more than 30 years these statements allow companies to measure the actionable issues for their management in relation to topics like satisfaction, loyalty, pride, engagement, and so on.

In other words, if they score low on these statements, they’re in trouble!Continue Reading

Personal Needs – Boon and Bane for your Career

personal needsHow good do you know your most important personal needs? Are you aware of how much they influence your mood and motivation? How much they actually determine your path to becoming successful and satisfied?

You have probably heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow uses the terms Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through while we and our personal situation develop over time. I think his findings are still relevant and they provide a good framework to explore a person’s most important needs in a little bit more detail.

So, what are your most important personal needs? If you can’t answer this question straight away and with total conviction, I suggest you sit back and think about it for a moment.Continue Reading

A Life With No Regrets

When I talk to people about their careers, mostly in their mid-lives, one of the key concerns they regularly raise is their fear of regret. We then usually start discussing about what a life with no regrets could look like for them But one aspect is really strange: Although they already anticipate and talk aboutContinue Reading

Blast From The Past – Four Simple Steps To Make Wrong Career Decisions Irrelevant For Future Success

Too many off us spend far too much time whining about having made wrong career decisions at some important stages in the past. Even worse: We take those past decisions as excuses for being miserable and unhappy in our careers NOW! I chose the wrong subject at university and now I can’t move into theContinue Reading

Values At Work – How To Push Back On Job Frustration

A recent global job satisfaction survey by accenture has shown that more and more people feel unsatisfied at work or somehow disconnected from their job. A global average of nearly 60% claim not to be satisfied with their career – and here in Singapore, where I live, the situation is even worse with 76% claiming to beContinue Reading

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